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“Only after a deep knowledge of the problems, the architect will be able to design, and only from this, the architect will be able you design shapes that satisfied the societies necessities. The architect will be able to design new shapes, bringing to life new way of living.” Albini


  • It’s a pleasure to have our passion for work. ” Adopting the Stendhal beliefs, Giorgio Giaquinto have been working as architect, from 1969, with a great passion… the same one that he imparted in his son Attilio with whom, after his graduation in architecture, founded the STUDIO G AA in 2000. In the last years the G*AA team has grown to become a reference both in Italy, where it is rooted, and internationally.
  • Founded in 2000 by Attilio Giaquinto, G*AA is an Architecture and Interior Design practice based in Turin and London with a small branch in Tanzania, dedicated to create personalized projects, never standardized, functional and satisfying the needs and personalities of the customers.
  • Today the practice develops and integrates specific skills with the contribution of multidisciplinary architects working in teams, with the purpose of find personalized solutions both on an urban scale and on interior design scale. The firm deals with architectural planning, urban planning and requalification, concept-design and interior design.
  • “Working on a synergistic relationship between the human being and his world is our mission.
  • The solutions designed in the close relationship with the territory and the landscape are our trademark. Every project solution is carefully evaluated on the basis of essential requirements, such as environmental harmony, innovation, functionality, reliability and respect of costs and time.
  • Our commitment is to propose customized synthesis, never standardised, fully functional and responding to our customers’ needs and personality.
  • Our experience and our skills allow us to “design client’s dreams”.

Currently involved in projects in London and in Dubai, The GAA practice represents a typical expression of made in Italy spirit.

The founder Giorgio Giaquinto

foto-ritratto-architetto-su gaa.it
  • Giorgio Giaquinto (Genoa,1941) Studio G * AA founder, Giaquinto Architetti Associati.
  • 1968 – Graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino with a thesis on “thin vault “.
  • 1969 – The Giaquinto Studio was founded, dedicated to create public works and design large commercial and industrial structures.

Attilio Giaquinto

Attilio Giaquinto-architetto- entrepeneur-interior designer-progettista-su gaa.it

The architect Attilio Giaquinto was born on February 10, 1973 in Turin.

Graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Torino in 1988 with a thesis on the renovation and reuse of historical buildings in Turin.

He obtained a Master’s degree in Milan in Materials and Interior DESIGN.

  • Oat member from 1999 year in which he founded the studio G *AA.
  • In the last years the G*AA team has grown to become a reference both in Italy, where it is rooted, and internationally.
  • In today’s world a full education cannot overlook insights into economic, he is one of the first Italian architects to have an Mba, a prestigious Master in Business Administrator: he obtained studying at ESCP Europe.
  • Currently involved in projects abroad (London and United Arab Emirates) Studio G * AA represents a typical expression of made in Italy spirit.


  • Dynamic and witty architect, able to impress the client with welcome suggestions.

Both the client and the project are never alone. The architect Giaquinto or his staff of young but trained assistants are always with you.

He was charged of the design and of site coordination for the renovation of two old 50’s           apartments

The handover of works was on time. In my opinion, if you needed an architect, you might be impressed.

Fulvio Guerrini


I haven’t seen the residential before the renovation, so I could judge the works completed, but I purchased the residential renovated.

Material, decorations, accessories and furniture were chosen with great care, the loft , when I bought it, it was very welcoming, everything was so detailed and  with different design characteristics in the finishing. Elegant and impactful renovation, made respecting the authenticity of the building.

Giorgio Gnavi