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The focus of the Riberi6 project is the new titanium zinc roofing: the choice was made for a contemporary, yet context-friendly design.

The contemporary line can also be seen in the common areas where everything is achieved through a skilful play of materials and contrasts; the warm natural oak parquet of the landings is in fact disrupted by the blue ribbon of the bent resin-coated sheet metal staircase. The stairs are given additional emphasis  by the brass-plated sheet metal volumes underlined by luminous lines.

The two colours applied to the walls, blue-beige, like the lighting design, in collaboration with casa delle lampadine, have allowed to differentiate the adjoining spaces by emphasizing the volumes: entrances, stairs, landings and corridors.


Architects: Attilio Giaquinto, A. La Porta, C. Abrami, E. Notarangelo, M. Camagna.

Turin, 2020.

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RIBERI6 – common areas




May 15, 2020


Holding 18



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Attilio Giaquinto

A. La Porta, C. Abrami

M. Camagna, E. Notarangelo


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